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We love and care for our own dogs as you care for yours.  We aim to educate dog owners and provide excellent nutrition to optimize the health of your dogs and ours. It's that simple.

We know you share a special connection with your dog. You carefully select a veterinarian, exercise this special family member, and feed him/her the best food available. This is where QUINN'S HEALTHY DOG FOOD  (QHDF) comes in. We use only USDA restaurant grade ingredients that we prepare at medium heat to preserve their nutrient profiles. This ensures your dog receives the maximum benefit from each high-quality ingredient we select. QHDF was created to give you peace of mind about the health  of your dog, and confidence in the food you give him. We know you love your dog as a family member, so he deserves the same quality foods that you choose for your family. 

Our Guarantee...

​​Our Mission is Simple...

  • We certify that all contents in Quinn's Healthy Dog Food are USDA approved for human consumption and meet AAFC guidelines
  • We never use additives, food coloring, preservatives or hormones
  • Our meal formulas are laboratory tested for AAFCO compliance

When only the very best will do...